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  • Derick David

    Derick David

    Product Designer. Avid reader and writer. Top Writer in Design, Innovation, Startups, & Tech. Entrepreneurial cheatsheet👇🏻https://jeazous.gumroad.com/l/PvToA

  • Vidisha Jitani

    Vidisha Jitani

    Metamorphosis 💫

  • Moeedlodhi


    Machine Learning enthusiast| Student of the field| Follow me on: https://www.instagram.com/machine_learning_enthusiast/

  • Olivia Marlene

    Olivia Marlene

    A law abiding non-conformist. A lawyer by profession, a mom by nature. Her hobby is to challenge the norm. Reach her at: missoliviamarlene@gmail.com

  • Carl L Lane

    Carl L Lane

    Lover of literature, wine and dogs. Bachelor' degree in English with creative writing minor. 2012 winner of The Fabian Worsham Creative Writing Prize.

  • Vivek Naskar

    Vivek Naskar

    A software developer by the day and a writer by the night! | Explore more articles by being a member here → https://viveknaskar.medium.com/membership

  • Zak Kann

    Zak Kann

    Business and technology writer • Let me give you a role in your customer’s story • https://zakkann.com

  • Tristan Post

    Tristan Post

    Economist & Lecturer. Passionate about Art, AI, Data, Tech, Economics, the Future of Work, and Interesting Stories

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